Tips to Choose the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Tips to Choose the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate Marketing ProgramFirst thing in affiliate marketing is choosing a right product that you can promote through your blogs or websites. Firstly , the product you choose must be related to the content or of your visitor’s interest. For example, if you write about “beauty products” then your product should be relevant to this. Besides this, there are other tips to choose right products.
Before you start,it is good that you should be aware about the definition of some important terminologies used in clickbank marketplace.

$Sales – $sales is the amount that an affiliate will receive for each sale. For example, if you sell a product with $50 then $ sales will be 50.

%Sales -% sales means the share that an affiliate will receive when a product or item is sold by him. For example, a product with price $200 and % sales 20% mean that affiliate will be paid $20 for each sale made by him.

%Refd – This refers to the % of sales of the product generate from affiliate sales.

Grav – This is a measure of how many affiliate are marketing it.

Now its time to find out some good products to sell. Here are some of suggestions to consider.

The best criterion in finding a right clickbank affiliate marketing product is the conversion rate. Conversion rate defines how many users out of 100 purchase the product. For example, if 5 out of every 100 visitors to a sales page purchase the product, then you get 5% conversion rate.You have to pick a product with high conversion rates to make some money from it.
But the question is how to find out the conversion rate. Have a look at the following tips where I have given the solution to this problem.

1) Look at the product “Gravity”. -All products listed in clickbank affiliate marketing product are marked by a “gravity” number that is visible at the right side, under the product name. This number shows how good the clickbank product is converting for affiliate, as it is a measure of how many affiliate are marketing it. You should choose higher gravity product. Go for gravity between 50 to 100. This is the important clickbank affiliate marketing tip, anything less than 50 or so probably is not good to sell well and anything that is higher than 100 is probably extremely popular that the market is already saturated.

2) Look at the %referred. -If you find that 80% of sales for any clickbank affiliate marketing product have been referred by affiliates. This means that huge sales for the listed product has been referred by affiliates only and not by the merchant themselves.This is a nice indication.

3) Look for additional factors that generate sales– How attractive is the merchants sales copy? This is necessary for promoting the product as the sales pages are meant to SELL. You have to make sure it will attract the attention of users.

4) Look at the $sales– In general more $ sales means more money per sale. You should pick a product that offers you more money per sale. This is especially true if you are promoting your sales pages for getting more buyers of the product.

These are some of the suggestions to pick right products for you to promote.But sales are not made only because of good product choice. Picking a right product is very necessary but more important is the way you market that product. I will come up with some additional suggestions for help you in getting success in affiliate marketing campaign in some of the future posts. You can subscribe to my blog to catch those points.

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